Starters Golf Kampenhout

Step by step to becoming a golfer:

1. Sign up for golf lessons with one of our three golf professionals:

2. Take the theoretical exam, organized every month, on etiquette and basic rules. Do the practical exam based on your pro’s recommendation.

3. After passing your exams, you have a handicap 53 and licence to go on the golf course.

4. Sign in on ‘‘GC Kampenhout Rabbits’, which is a Whats-app group where you can meet fellow (starter) players and organize a flight together.

5. Start with playing 9 hole competitions (rabbit competitions) in order to achieve handicap 39 to join the 18 hole competitions.

As a starter you can use:

Test your golf knowledge

Practical exam



Golf terminology

  • Practice area consists of a driving range, chipping and putting green.
  • Practice holes consist of three compact holes of 100-130 meters which you can find between hole 8 and hole 11 on our course. 
  • Ball Marker: this can be used to mark your ball on the green. 
  • Pitchfork: this is used to repair the ball mark on the green when the ball lands from height onto the green.
  • Flag: this is a visual marker to let you know where the hole is.  

Golf material

  • Driver: the longest golf club in your bag and is used for teeing off.
  • Woods: used for the long distance shots from the fairway or from the tee.
  • Irons: used for the precise shots where you need more control.
  • Sand wedge: this club has more loft so it is used in the bunker and for short distances.
  • Putter: this club has a straight face and is used on the green.
  • Golf shoes: shoes with a special sole which provide grip and give stability.